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Who is Canto Cruncher?

As a current PhD student with the University of Bristol, it's clear that I genuinely love English Literature. But I also share this abounding passion with my students.

I am a supportive and patient tutor who always strives to incite a passion for, and clear understanding of, English in my students. I am also a member of The Tutors' Association, always venturing to improve my tutoring practices. For those who require guidance, encouragement, or an extra push for motivation or excitement, I am a fantastic option. Education is an immensely important aspect of life and I have always done my utmost to help any individual in their academic endeavors.

My personal love for education stems back to reading from a young age and so I will always build my work around that passion.

I took both English Literature & Language for my own A Levels in 2013, and went on to attain the ★Highest Overall Mark Award★ in my English and History Ba degree in 2017. In 2018, during my Masters by Research degree in English at Sheffield Hallam University, I moved onward to examine works by William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser, passing my VIVA without corrections. My current research at Bristol focuses on the role of fools and clowns within early modern noble and royal households.

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