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Taster Webinars

Secure a spot in your first webinar to decide whether online group tuition will work for you!

Upcoming Webinars...

Simply decide on the webinar topic that you'd like to try and await the confirmation email!

You'll receive:

~ confirmation email when you sign up

~ 45 minute taster for group classes absolutely FREE

~ follow up email containing the webinar study resources used

1st Dec

Frankenstein: Close reading of a Frankenstein extract.
We will focus upon understanding the text, identifying key literary devices and how to approach planning and writing.

FREE 45 minute group webinar

8th Dec

Writing Descriptions Practice: what descriptions need.

We will focus upon what descriptions require and practice writing our own descriptive paragraphs under timed conditions. Effective paragraph examples will also be produced by Hollyann in the webinar.

FREE 45 minute group webinar

15th Dec

Writing Stories Practice: what stories need.We will focus upon what are needed to make an engaging story and practice writing our own character descriptions and planning interesting plots as a group.

FREE 45 minute group webinar


Due to the Christmas holiday in December, there will only be three free webinars this month!

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