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Important Autumnal Reflections...

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It is most definitely that time of year again! Students and parents alike are back into school-mode good and proper. New pencil cases and shoes are being worn in, alarm clocks are doing their bit, and homework lists are resurrected once more. Spooky. Everybody’s timetables have metamorphosed by now.

Not unlike my own!

But first, I’d like to communicate some successes this month: because who doesn’t crave a little positivity once the trees decide to change colour and the dun autumnal evenings begin to loom?

  • Firstly, I have officially become an individual member of The Tutor’s Association, continuing to enhance my tutoring practice with their aid – and the affiliation provides me with a sense of professional community.

  • I'm back to in-school (once a week) and back to in-person tutoring (with a lovely Year 10 student)!

  • A great Lessonspace case study ‘The Journey of Canto Cruncher Tutoring’ is now available to peruse online!

  • The free taster webinars delivered this month have been a real success, with students providing positive feedback on the experience and signing onto classes. But this is not the end of free taster webinars; they will return in November, covering a variety of topics in addition to those that were run this October.

  • I’m excited to say that NEW CLASSES are now available for bookings! Students can now brush up on the benevolent Charles Dickens ‘Christmas Ghosts’, the dramatic techniques that Shakespeare used for ‘Staging Deception in Macbeth’ and even engage in the much sought-after creative writing courses: these help students improve their ‘Writing Descriptions’ and ‘Writing Stories’ skills.

  • Lastly, my own tutoring and classes schedule is largely in place. As is the case with reality, it will wiggle about a little and alter as the year progresses but I am now in a position to organise my own studies! That is a genuinely big win too.

As those of you who have been reading my blog posts will know, at the end of August I had to park my own studies. I asked myself, ‘how do I build a business and write up my own research simultaneously?’ The obvious answer is, with difficulty. But now that the school year is most definitely in full swing, I must now (like all students who have returned to school this year) generate a new working-studying-living balance. We must all place our hands on our own scales and tip the balance accordingly. Readjusting is healthy.

It's time to turn our minds our own compasses and step back on the track.

For some, this will mean getting a tutor to help direct studies. For others, it will simply be listening to that alarm clock - not hitting snooze, metaphorically speaking. And for me, it means focusing on my next chapter. That is to say, writing my next PhD chapter!

As we each continue to tread through the increasingly muddy wood trails this year, during one of the longest terms of the school year, I encourage you all to check your compasses and adjust your course as necessary. Go for walk, perhaps.

With well wishes, and sincere encouragement,

Canto Cruncher

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